The German Football League (DFL) is preparing to launch their own OTT subscription service at the start of the 2020-21 season.They are open to streaming all Bundesliga matches in certain international markets. Live rights to the second-tier 2.

Bundesliga could also be showcased on the new platform where there is sufficient interest. The Bundesliga Pass service would be offered in areas where the league cannot secure acceptable offers from traditional broadcasters for the rights and also in markets the league is looking to develop.DFL chief executive Christian Seifert told the German Football League general assembly meeting the OTT solution would be used in certain markets if required.

A provisional price of $7.99 per month has been set for the direct-to-consumer service, but the exact pricing would be influenced by the market in question. An early-bird price of $5.99 per month was also mentioned in a video presentation at the general assembly meeting, as was Bundesliga 90+, a service that provides simultaneous and curated live coverage of all games.A version of the OTT product is running internally for testing purposes but Seifert ruled out the possibility of launching a direct-to-consumer platform in Germany.With contracts with broadcasters outside of Europe and China due to expire at the end of this season, news of the availability of the OTT platform gives the DFL’s rights selling arm, Bundesliga International, more leverage in upcoming negotiations.

The Bundesliga dipped their toe into live streaming when they became a partner in UEFA’s OTT service, which shows highlights from Bundesliga matches. It was also reported in July that ESPN+ is set to secure exclusive US rights to the Bundesliga after the current deal with Fox expires.