Football Innovation Summit Agenda

Networking and tea and coffee served in the exhibtion area 

      Creating purpose and language that is universal across the MDT and playing squad

      Designing sessions that reflect your playing culture

      Promoting group ownership and understanding the social needs of individuals



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Approach to connecting the meeting room to the pitch

      Opposition Analysis that strikes a balance with Club Philosophy

      Match-Day processes from analysis to coaching staff



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Translating Match Performance into an Individualised Training Cycle

      Communicating across the MDT to best support individual player development

      Managing the transient nature of player pathways across the professional development phase



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Structure and Lines of communication in a live analysis team

      Use of Analysis and Data Modelling to Create Strategies

      Filtering Data to Provide Effective Communication with Decision Makers


30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Understanding how individual personalities impact group dynamics

      How personality profiling can be used to predict responses to coach communication

      Discovering the extent to which small changes in personnel influence the mindset of the group



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Understanding which foods trigger the brain and when it is appropriate to use them

      Cultural challenges of to creating periodised nutrition strategies

      Match-day fuelling strategies



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

Lunch and nextworking in exhibtion area 

      Demonstration of movement quality screening tests and neuromuscular warm-up exercises  

      Understanding the implementation and uses of Movement Screening tools

      Use of the Hip and Lower Limb Movement Screening Tool in Youth Players



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Individualised approach vs generalised team movement programme

      Approaches to creating and maintaining physical robustness

      Communicating across the MDT to minimise injury risk and maximise player fitness

310 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Challenges and benefits of delivering individualised training programmes

      How creating ‘buffet style options’ create player buy-in

      MDT structures to support player-centred development programmes

      Best approaches for understanding the needs of your club

      Tailoring analysis needs to individual age groups

      How longitudinal player data and video analysis can better support scouting networks 


30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Creating an environment and processes for knowledge sharing

      Building in context to data to make it actionable for coaching staff

      Making the most of technology to deliver actionable insights  

      Use of data to match needs of the player with an appropriate club 

      Approaches to preparing players physically and mentally for a loan move 

      Monitoring player performance and wellbeing through a loan



One Hour including audience Q&A

Importance of developing self awareness and empathy as a coach/leader

      Tuning into yourself to be open to coaching and relating to players and colleagues

      Key to discovering and being your true-self in all situations

      Alignment of thought-word-action/behaviour to lead through authenticity  

      Evaluating Physical Data from Raw GPS

      Evaluating Tactical Context from Optical Tracking Data

      Communicating the results through video

30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Understanding the brain and nervous system of Academy players

      Recognising behaviours of players and yourself to enhance communication and relationships

      How Implementing Neuroscience Can Aid Learning and Performance



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Sharing your vision and getting staff and players to buy into it

      Developing relationships, evolving shared purpose

      Balancing developing individuals with the need for winning football matches



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Approaches to skill acquisition in sport

      Evolving from solution provider to creating learning environments

      Importance of feedback and how it is delivered


30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

Networking in exhibtion area


      Understand how and when to combine instructional and ecological

      Emotionally Intelligent Coaching Teams  

      Constructing coaching courses that evolve skills not just tick boxes  


30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

      Structures of Elite Academies and Support Networks

      Blurring the lines of boys and girls Academies

      Creating Environments That Support Young Players Through Their Journey And Beyond



30 minutes followed by 10 minutes Q&A

10 minutes closing remarks

Summit Ends