The full agenda will be published in due course, as we confirm more speakers to our exciting program. Each day will take place from 9am – 5pm. We will have a drinks reception at the end of first day of the summit.


The opening day of the 4th Annual Football Innovation Summit 2021 will focus on all aspects associated with the periodised micro cycle.

To do that we speakers come from across the full spectrum of the modern Multi-Disciplinary Teams working in elite football and sport. They will share their processes right across the weekly match cycle from game day to short-term rehab and post-game recovery to pre-game activation and preparation.

Find out how clubs are delivering integrated live analysis, psychological profiling, movement screening tests and exercises, nutrition. How match analysis and post-game testing are allowing clubs to personalise weekly training programmes and minimise injuries. Experience the latest methods for neuromuscular warm-up and screening exercises, micro training cycles that balance individual development and elite team focus and the use of player profiling to improve match day messaging.


Chris Bradley, – Psychologist (Derby) – Player profile/team profiles to support coach to player matchday communication
Jack Ade, Head of Academy Sports Science, Liverpool FC – Balancing the transition from individual development to a elite team performance environment  
Paul Muckelt, Professor of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Southampton University – Movement Screening Tests and Neuromuscular Warm-up Exercises.
Matt Jones, Nutritionist, West Ham United – microcycle ‘brain’ nutrition


The second day of the Football Innovation Summit 2021 is for those who like to take a long-term view.

Where the opening day will be all about the micro cycle, day two is all macro. Player development philosophies, evolving and aligning Talent ID and recruitment analysis, creating and managing club cultures, maintaining inspiring training environments.

Hear from the people in roles responsible for the strategic planning at their clubs. Managers, Sporting Directors, Academy Directors, Heads of Sports Science, Performance, Recruitment.

Sessions will focus on ecological v Instructional coaching approaches, long-term rehab, developing psych/social informed training environments, managing data and integrating systems, loan management, role of the sporting director, evolving role of managers, recruitment analysis.


Mark Warburton, Manager, Queens Park Rangers – Fireside Chat
Andrew Meredith, Analysis Operations Manager, Manchester United FC – The importance of effective learning teams: Models for delivering expert-friendly data 
Sally Needham, Consultant Coach, Sheffield United FC – How neuroscience can inform more sociologically sound training environments
Matt Doyle – Lead Academy Goalkeeper Coach, Arsenal – Challenges of adapting to an ecological approach to developing young goalkeepers