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MARCH 3,4,10,11 2021

Welcome to the Summit

The first annual Soccer Innovation Summit is ready to kick-off online with four days of presentations packed with insights, drills, game models, analysis and applied research. Four-days of interactive discussions giving you direct access to leading coaches, sports scientists, academy directors, technical directors, GMs, CEOs, analysts, psychologists, heads of performance, scouts and decision makers from across North America, the Concacaf region and Europe. 

What is the summit about

The Soccer Innovation Summit takes an holistic, multi-discipline approach to the challenges faced in Talent ID, Player Development, Performance Analysis and Player Wellbeing in Soccer at all levels across North America and the Concacaf Region.

How does it work

Eight 90-minute sessions, each boasting 3-4 leading practitioners in their field from across North America and Europe. The sessions will see each speaker deliver an on point ten-minute presentation followed by an interactive group discussion.

Why Attend

This virtual event offers a window into how some of the biggest clubs both sides of the Atlantic recruit, develop, analyse and look after their players. But the real learning comes in the interactive discussions where you will have direct access to the speakers to ask for insights that apply directly to you, your practice and club.

Newly Announced Speakers
Director of Performance - LAFC
Sports Psychologist - Southampton FC
Commissioner - GA League
Head Coach - Florida Gators
Head of Academy Sports Science - Liverpool FC
Clinical Psychologist - Emotionally Connected
Tommy Wilson
Academy Director - Philadelphia Union
Technical Director - Charlotte FC
25 Presentations + 8 Interactive Discussions Focusing On The Future Path of Soccer


Understanding the athlete in front of you to create individualised training plans. Use of tech to engage young players. Key roles in accelerating player development. Using match analysis to drive the training needs of your players. Approaches to girls and boys training together.


Creating player-centric organisations in team sports, what they look like and how they operate. Understanding the challenges and obstacles in building and managing high performance support teams. Maximising interaction between specialists in a multi-discipline team.


How to effectively identify, select, coach and manage the right players for your club. The use of data to create position-specific profiles and the growing influence of broadcast tracking on video analysis of players. How to quantify player potential.


Using data to implement actionable plans not just monitor players. Big data, AI, machine learning and longitudinal studies. The role of data management and statistical analysis in recruitment, technical development, performance and injury prevention.


Measuring and monitoring player movement and output in the game and training. Identifying peak intensity phases. Position specific profiling. Monitoring load in rehab. Communicating and providing context to the numbers. Pros and cons of sharing data with players. Integrating your tech.


Designing drills, sessions and periodised plans based on real game situations and data. Understand how small-sided training drill pitch sizes relate back to matches. Game Models, Game Speed, Position-Specific Training.


The demise of the Development Agency and impact of Covid created uncertainty in the pathway structures in both boys and girls soccer. Leading voices in youth soccer, College soccer and the pro game share their vision for the evolution of the game and partnerships between clubs, colleges and leagues at all levels.


Understanding the influence of the parent/child relationship in the learning motivations of your players. Importance of communicating expectations between club and parents from the start and recognising not all outcomes are positive. How to integrate mindfulness techniques and flow into training sessions and rehab.


Understanding the impact of early specialisation and limited childhood activity has on physical literacy and how fitness coaches can promote the core movement required to meet the physical demands of the game and prevent injury.

Who Should Attend?
The Virtual Soccer Innovation Summit combines cutting edge presentations and interactive discussions that are specifically designed for:

Sporting Directors
General Managers
Technical Directors
Directors of Performance
Directors of Scouting
Pathway Development Directors

Academy Directors
Directors of Coaching
Head Coaches
Assistant Coaches
Athletic Trainers
Goalkeeping Coaches

Sport Scientists
Strength & Conditioning
Performance Managers
Director of Research
Sleep Scientists

Medical Directors
Soft Tissue Therapists
Sports Psychologists

Scouting Analysts
Video Analysts
Data Scientists/Analysts
Performance Analysts

Loan Managers
Player Contract Managers
Technology Providers

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