michael bunel

In the northwest of France lies the port city of Le Havre. Within the city known for its maritime traditions and the largest container port in France, the Le Havre Athletic Club plays its Ligue 2 football. Founded in 1872, Le Havre is the oldest football club in the country of France and 3-time champions of Ligue 1.

The club is famous for its youth investment program, which runs and grows young talent, and here at Shoreline we are blessed to have the resources and ideologies of Le Havre’s technical director, Michael Bunel.

Michael and his team have worked with and helped grow top tier players such as:

  • Paul Pogba of Manchester United
  • Benjamin Mendy of Manchester City
  • Riyad Mahrez of Manchester City
  • Dimitri Payet of Marseille
  • Steve Mandanda of Marseille

Michael believes the number one quality that separates the good from the top players is football intelligence.

“For me there is one very important thing in football. I think that football now starts with the head and finishes with the feet.”

“That means if you want to be a top player, and we have the chance to work with top players at Le Havre – we had Pogba, Mendy in the Academy – you have to be intelligent.”

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