Sudarshan (Suds) will be the first person to tell you that you will have moments in your life when it is the right place at the right time. Proactively preparing for these moments can help you achieve your dreams. His March 2014 start date for Microsoft was perfectly in time for the summer 2014 World Cup. His experience in data analysis coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit gave him a 3 year career at Microsoft developing a cloud-based sports analytics platform as well as the opportunity to develop a data science team within a football club.

During his time at Microsoft, he helped develop an athlete management tool for the Seattle Seahawks and consulted for many European football teams. However, he realized that real progress in the space of football analytics can be made in-house rather than relying on consultants.

During his time at SL Benfica, he has grown his team from 1 to 5 to focus on areas such as tactical analysis, load monitoring, and neurocognition. His focus has been to streamline current workstreams to make the technical staff more efficient as well as expand the lens of what’s possible to achieve in terms of analysis.

The combination of his time at a tech giant such as Microsoft coupled with his experience of being inside of a club allows him to see potential opportunities that can be capitalized if people are willing to proactively prepare for those moments when they are in the right place at the right time.

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